A clever turn on the collectible card game Gwent, Thronebreaker manages to metamorphose its simple assertion into a captivating tale of family, loyalty, and hardship.

On the night of the great Nilfgaardian takeover, you play as Queen Meve, ruler of the lands known as Lyria and Rivia. To contend control of kingdoms away from their rulers, these heartless imperials sweep across the land like a plague, annihilating villages and their citizens and using deceitful tactics. Meve and her forces get captured in the middle of the seizure, going home after another lengthy war. You’ll have to make tough decisions about whom to let into your party and who to cut ties with indelibly as you gather together a guerrilla army to snuff out the Nilfgaardian invasion and gather support for a full-blown counteraction with traitors around every corner and spies concealing in the shadows.

Game: Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales

Thronebreaker’s which is fully voiced throughout the 25-hour crusade is a tale involving an entirely new cast of characters with some significant cameos here and there. With exceptional writing bringing each character’s motivations and principles to life, the interaction between Queen Meve and her trusted subjects is remarkably strong. Meve isn’t as blank a slate for you to scheme upon as Geralt is, but Thronebreaker offers your area to work in her decision-making. With no one option promising a better result than the rest, the decisions you make are smeared with the same gray brush that The Witcher is known for. With nonviable odds puts an incredible amount of obligation on your shoulders leading a shrinking army into battles, and it has some riveting outcomes both immediately and far further into the story, opting when to be empathetic and when to be cruel.

Keeping it from feeling like an invasive method for settling combat situations, Thronebreaker winding together Gwent into its story in smart ways. While snagging in distinct quests and rule sets, helping you absorb its intricate systems. In The Witcher 3, Gwent was a side attraction but through Thronebreaker, it unfolded into something new that stands on its own as a proud member of the Witcher family.

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