Game: Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales

A clever turn on the collectible card game Gwent, Thronebreaker manages to metamorphose its simple assertion into a captivating tale of family, loyalty, and hardship.

On the night of the great Nilfgaardian takeover, you play as Queen Meve, ruler of the lands known as Lyria and Rivia. To contend control of kingdoms away from their rulers, these heartless imperials sweep across the land like a plague, annihilating villages and their citizens and using deceitful tactics. Meve and her forces get captured in the middle of the seizure, going home after another lengthy war. You’ll have to make tough decisions about whom to let into your party and who to cut ties with indelibly as you gather together a guerrilla army to snuff out the Nilfgaardian invasion and gather support for a full-blown counteraction with traitors around every corner and spies concealing in the shadows.

Thronebreaker’s which is fully voiced throughout the 25-hour crusade is a tale involving an entirely new cast of characters with some significant cameos here and there. With exceptional writing bringing each character’s motivations and principles to life, the interaction between Queen Meve and her trusted subjects is remarkably strong. Meve isn’t as blank a slate for you to scheme upon as Geralt is, but Thronebreaker offers your area to work in her decision-making. With no one option promising a better result than the rest, the decisions you make are smeared with the same gray brush that The Witcher is known for. With nonviable odds puts an incredible amount of obligation on your shoulders leading a shrinking army into battles, and it has some riveting outcomes both immediately and far further into the story, opting when to be empathetic and when to be cruel.

Keeping it from feeling like an invasive method for settling combat situations, Thronebreaker winding together Gwent into its story in smart ways. While snagging in distinct quests and rule sets, helping you absorb its intricate systems. In The Witcher 3, Gwent was a side attraction but through Thronebreaker, it unfolded into something new that stands on its own as a proud member of the Witcher family.


Overcoming Video Game Addiction

Fixing an addiction is a difficult process. But given time, anyone can enjoy anything without being addicted. The same can be said for video games. These tips will surely help anyone with a video game addiction.

  • Avoid going cold turkey. Stopping games at once will leave you feeling empty. This will cause a relapse and you’ll spend more time playing video games. Rather, try to limit the time you play video games and do other stuff, like check Concrete Contractor Seattle.
  • Moderation is key.Play only for a fixed amount of time per day. Set a timer, and stop playing once it goes off.
  • Reduce the consoles you own.If you have several consoles, you won’t have time to play them all. Try having only one system instead. That way you’ll only focus on it, and you won’t need to play with every console you have.
  • Avoid MMO’s.These are the worst games an addicted person can play. They waste a lot of time. It’s been reported that people kill or even die because of MMO’s.
  • Take frequent breaks.Do something different for a few minutes for each hour of play, like taking a walk. Sitting and staring at a screen for hours on end is not healthy.
  • Budget what you spend on games.By simply setting aside $60 per month on games, you limit your spending, and thus limit your addiction.
  • Play games that encourage you to move. With the advent of the Wii and the Kinect, more and more games are movement based. Which means you can play while doing exercise!
  • Play with your family.There are plenty of family friendly games out there! Just tell your kids to play in moderation, and if you must, control their game time too.
  • Get help.Your addiction may have underlying causes. Seeing a professional isn’t something you should be ashamed of.
  • Learn new things.Get a hobby. Do some gardening. Find something to keep yourself busy. You can even include your family and friends.
  • Evaluate your life. Can it be better? Maybe you missed an opportunity due to your addiction. Take how games negatively affected you and learn from them.

At the end of the day, if you’re still super soy and not willing to cut out the video games. Listen, start training to fight. If you’re playing video games all day the truth is, you’re going to get served if some guy ever grabs your girls butt, if you have a girl and she has a butt. When you think about defending her, it’s all over. I learned that from pushing a concrete polisher when I worked at Orlando Epoxy Pros. Honestly, it was miserable. The lotion is in the motion and if you don’t stop playing video games, you’re going to be soy, that all. I will say though, sometimes I do get into pubg. It’s fun killing people when they go AFK.


Why Teens Become Addicted to Online Gaming

Online Gaming. These words make many parents concerned. The idea of facing opponents online isn’t that new as most people may think. During the mid-90s Nintendo was already trying online gaming with the SNES. Nonetheless, here are reasons why teens are becoming more addicted to online games:

1)   Cheaper Games

As games become cheaper, more gamers can buy the latest FPS game for as little as $70. Any teen who can earn money can easily purchase any title without burning a hole in their pocket.

2)   Gaming Rewards

Gamers spend countless of hours completing games just to achieve “digital rewards” (in the form of trophies or achievements) or to “level up.” The math is simple: more play time = better value for money. It’s enough to get anybody hooked.

3)   Social Acceptance

Online gaming is the perfect medium for a teen who wants to escape the social challenges of school. A salient feature of online gaming is that these teens enjoy a hobby with people who probably has the same passion for them. Bullying normally doesn’t happen online as it does in school. Everyone’s banding together for a common goal, and gamers can join ‘guilds’ to connect with more people.

4)   Peer Influence

The online world is not just made up of strangers, but gamers teens know in real world as well. Their fun starts when the school day ends, when their friends are online, capturing flags in Halo.

5)   Socially Easy

Gaming can be a social activity. Headsets are popular accessories used during play, which make gamers talk to each other online. It is not uncommon for your to play with a headset and talk to other people while they play against each other. The topics can vary, from the game itself to the weather.

6)   Respect

People have the need to be good at something. For a physically inept teen, it could just be ranking top 10 in a video game. The feeling of bettering opponents is rewarding, and isn’t too hard to achieve for teens who have played long enough. Retaining one’s position in the standing is serious work, and grinding hours away is required to keep it.

Signs of Video Game Addiction

Video game addiction has many signs. These signs will give you a hint if you or someone you know has a video game addiction. If you think you have one or more of these signs, it is best to seek help:

  • Spending a lot of time just playing video games.It could have started out to just playing games for an hour a day. Then you begin to notice that you’re spending all of your free time playing a video game or doing an activity that’s related to video games.
  • Neglecting responsibilities at school or work.This is obvious. If you call in sick just to stay at home so you can play a video game, you have a problem. A break from school or work isn’t necessarily bad, but neglecting work or school is bad if it’s all for a video game.
  • Ignoring friends and family.Prioritizing a video game over friends and family is always bad. It is definitely an indicator of addiction. If you neglect your children, or if you leave your spouse alone, you have a problem. Family and friends are more important than video games, no matter the situation.
  • Neglecting personal care and hygiene.Because the person always plays video games, taking care of oneself is not a priority. The more a person neglects oneself, the more serious the problem.
  • Health issues popping up.If you keep up all night doing nothing but playing video games, have mood swings, or other issues, you may have a video game addiction. Deaths have even been reported of people dying from playing video games too much.
  • Spending money on games before necessities.For these people, video games are more important than any other thing. Those necessities that are needed to survive? They can wait. The rent can go unpaid for just one month more so the person can buy the next big game. If you are experiencing this, you have a video game addiction.


Why Video Game Addiction Happens

Most addictive games have no definite end. Big MMORPGs do not have definite endings, but the same can be said for genres of games of as well. Video games that are addicting do not have end goals where a player can feel that he’s finished with it. They can never experience an ending or reach a point where the game naturally ends and there’s nothing left to do.

Most addictive games encourage social connections. Video games were formerly solitary activities. Nowadays however, games require players to reach out socially with other players. This feeds everyone’s personal need to establish social connections. But these connections could deprive players from creating real life relationships.

Most addictive games have a leveling system. In most addictive games, a player starts with a character having weak attributes regarding strength, intelligence, skills, abilities, and many more. At first, it only takes a few minutes of play to get to the next level and add new skills. This “privilege” to become stronger reinforces players to continue playing. But the next levels take more and more time to achieve, and it can reach a point where gaining a level alone would take months of play. And around that time, the player has already accepted that he’ll need to exert more effort to gain another level, just to experience the rewarding feeling of leveling up.

Most addictive games encourage teamwork with other gamers in the world. This is especially applicable in MMORPGs. The mere fact that two players from different parts of the world can socialize and unite for a common cause makes the experience more exciting and rewarding for players.

Most addicting games have in-game currency. Just as people in the real world desire to gain wealth, these desires also exist in addictive video games. As a player accumulates more and more in-game currency (by playing more and finishing quests and tasks), they gain more power, influence, status, and most importantly, admiration from other players. In-game money therefore gives players lucrative results in its pursuit.


Divinity II: Original Sin

At the midpoint through Divinity: Original Sin II’s campaign, I was informed to visit the family farm of a heroic colleague named Gareth. Upon arrival, I noticed him mourning his massacred parents and reaching on me to back him up on taking revenge. Pretty common RPG stuff.

I was welcomed by paladins who hindered me from proceeding inside, that’s when I progress to the farmhouse to look for the killers. During the dialogue with the in-game enticement skill, I attempted to change their minds. No dice. I am encountering a brick wall with this hunt. The only option I had was to slaughter the paladins. So that’s precisely what I did. I uncovered that the murderers inside were possessed faultless humans, that’s after I stamp on over their bodies to proceed into the farmhouse. No way of setting them free from this magical mental enslavement presented itself. To kill them is the most efficient way of moving forward with the quest was. I executed that…and then found a love letter from a possessed woman to one of the paladins that had ceased me at the door.

Say hello to my guilt. Just to move on about how bad I felt about killing these people, it took me some time. Deep in me wanted to load a save and play it all back. But my victims have already perished. By going back and attempting to change what I’d undertaken wouldn’t wash the blood from my hands. I ultimately moved forward and went on to execute a lot more people in even more heart-rending ways. And yet, this scene at the farmhouse never left my mind, because that was an “innocence lost” scenario that opened my eyes to how it made an impact on me and astounding Divinity II: Original Sin can be.

I cannot remember if I’ve ever felt this emotional about a game and its characters. For me, this is one of the finest role-playing epics of all time, because of the wholly believable world, relevant choices, evocative writing, and superb acting in the fully voiced script.

The Best Free Web Games You Can Find Online

There are many games online that you can play without having to spend a dime. Here are some of the crowd favorites. You don’t need to download apps for these games, you can just play them online, in the web.

Rebuild 2

This is not your typical zombie arcade game. This is more of a strategy game set in a zombie apocalypse aftermath where you will need to survive using only the resources available. You have to strategize in order to get through. You will have a population to protect from the flesh eaters, which means you will need to find abandoned buildings for shelter, and score food for your people. This game is not just for shooters, it’s basically a zombie game for thinkers.


This is an award-winning game that started out as a school project. This is the result of one student’s amazing game design for academic purposes. It may be simple but it sure is fun and truly a great way to kill time. This game will make you dive into space to eat and evolve!

Drifting Afternoon

This is a relaxing game free from the usual gore and violence. You will play as a joyful cat jumping on pastel-colored bubbles. This is perfect for people who play games to relax and enjoy lazy afternoons.

Numpty Physics

You can only wish for science classes in school to be this fun. In this game, you can use crayons to solve puzzles and see your drawings come to life. Yes, based on Physics of course!


This is a scary one. This horror game involves dark forests and the eery “Slender Man”. The goal is to avoid him while you wander in the dark with just a flashlight in hand. Keep running because the Slender Man will chase you through the fog until you get so terrified you’d jump if someone came in the room while you’re in the middle of a game.