Why Video Game Addiction Happens

Most addictive games have no definite end. Big MMORPGs do not have definite endings, but the same can be said for genres of games of as well. Video games that are addicting do not have end goals where a player can feel that he’s finished with it. They can never experience an ending or reach a point where the game naturally ends and there’s nothing left to do.

Most addictive games encourage social connections. Video games were formerly solitary activities. Nowadays however, games require players to reach out socially with other players. This feeds everyone’s personal need to establish social connections. But these connections could deprive players from creating real life relationships.

Most addictive games have a leveling system. In most addictive games, a player starts with a character having weak attributes regarding strength, intelligence, skills, abilities, and many more. At first, it only takes a few minutes of play to get to the next level and add new skills. This “privilege” to become stronger reinforces players to continue playing. But the next levels take more and more time to achieve, and it can reach a point where gaining a level alone would take months of play. And around that time, the player has already accepted that he’ll need to exert more effort to gain another level, just to experience the rewarding feeling of leveling up.

Most addictive games encourage teamwork with other gamers in the world. This is especially applicable in MMORPGs. The mere fact that two players from different parts of the world can socialize and unite for a common cause makes the experience more exciting and rewarding for players.

Most addicting games have in-game currency. Just as people in the real world desire to gain wealth, these desires also exist in addictive video games. As a player accumulates more and more in-game currency (by playing more and finishing quests and tasks), they gain more power, influence, status, and most importantly, admiration from other players. In-game money therefore gives players lucrative results in its pursuit.


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